About Secrets red

We created SecretS Red, managed by proven fashion photographers with extensive and technical experience,
who build a diverse portfolio of clients, both locally and internationally.
We are experts in shooting erotic photo sessions and productions.
More and more people want this style of photography!
This was the main reason that we created a specific website in order to make your escort business even more reliable and successful!

Get extremely professional and unique results in an amazing way!
In most cases, we know better than you exactly what you need! 
We will show your best features to your customers. Your new escort photo session will sell your services automatically, and your business as an escort or companion will be even more successful!
Remember to wear your smile as your good mood as well!

Escort photographer.


SR Photography - Secrets Red Photography







We are located in Sofia, but we often travel to London,
so if you want to take advantage of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us,
as we may be in your city very soon!



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